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Konekta P2P Server

Konekta is a Self-Hosted P2P Server for Shinobi's Easy Remote Access feature. This is generally used by Enterprise setups that face high network load and corporate privacy requirements.

Version : 2.0.3, 2022-12-22

How to use on Ubuntu 20.04

You'll be directly supporting the development as well as getting the following benefits.

  1. Subscribe to Enterprise Support to get a License key. Contact Us for details.
  2. Run Installer
    sh <(curl -s https://cdn.shinobi.video/binaries/konekta/install-ubuntu.sh)
  3. Set the subscriptionId field in the conf.json for Konekta
    "subscriptionId": "si_XXXXXXXXXXXXX",
  4. Restart Konekta to make the change take effect.
    pm2 restart shinobi-konekta
  5. Add the following to your Shinobi conf.json to make your P2P Server available to it in the Easy Remote Access tab of the Superuser panel. Be sure to set the IP Address of your P2P Server.
    "p2pServerList": {
        "private-1": {
            "v2": true,
            "name": "Private-1",
            "host": "IP ADDRESS OF YOUR P2P SERVER",
            "p2pPort": "80",
            "chartPort": "80",
            "webPort": "80",
            "maxNetworkSpeed": {
                "up": 5000,
                "down": 5000,
                "shared": true
            "location": {
                "lat": 49.284966,
                "lon": -123.1140607
  6. Restart Shinobi to make the change take effect.
    pm2 restart camera

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