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Written in Node.js
The main server language used to manage operations in real-time is Node.js.
Live Stream display in the Web
With a modern web browser you can quickly view streams by simply logging in to the web panel for your Shinobi server.
Video Recording Management
Creation and curation of videos recorded. Automatically purged when either too old or over the account's set Max Storage Amount.
Time-lapse Management
Create a Time-lapse from your Camera's video stream. Quickly view the images in the web and compile them into a video with a click.
Tiered User System
Add accounts to your Shinobi server with limited privileges, like being able to only see a certain set of cameras and their recordings.
Multitenancy User System
Add accounts that manage their own cameras. Each Admin account is it's own group and can share their cameras with lower tier accounts.
Bypass Browser Stream Limit
All browsers will limit the number of streams you should have open because they were not designed for that type of load. However with a variety of Stream Types offered you can bypass this and manage the load at your discretion.
Motion and Object Detection
You can have your system do a recording when it detects an event with Motion or Object Detection as well as a variety of other actions.
Event Alerting
When an Event is triggered you can get a Notification.
Multicasted Streams
When a camera stream is consumed by Shinobi for processing it is only done once and split into the desired number of outputs. Like Recording, Streaming, as well as the number of connected viewers; they're all split off the original 1 connection.
2-Factor Authentication
An additional layer of protection to your Shinobi account. To use this you need to setup your Notification system.
RESTful API Access
Developers can make use of the power Shinobi offers. All aspects of the included Dashboard use the API to operate. In other words, anything we can do you can do too. Just read the source and see how we did it.*
Embeddable Streams
With the API you can include a Live Stream right on your website with the help of our dear old iframe.
Camera Scanner (ONVIF)
Quickly find and add all your cameras in a few moments with Shinobi's built-in ONVIF Scanner.
External Event Triggering
With the API you can setup your own methods of telling Shinobi to record. Just run a quick GET request!
Run Custom Scripts on System Actions
Quickly run your own code without modifying the code base. We've opened the module framework of Shinobi to all developers in the form of customAutoLoad modules!
Web Interface
Just quickly open a modern a web browser and start viewing your streams and recordings!
Mobile Companion App
View your Streams and Recordings on the go! And with Easy Remote Access use the app outside the network!
Easy Remote Access
A way to access your Shinobi server outside your network without port forwarding or using VPNs. An optional P2P service for licensed users of Shinobi.
PTZ Support
Point-Tilt-Zoom. Control your camera's positioning motors from the web interface and API.
Video Slicer
Create a clip from a highlighted segment of a recorded video.
Runs on Linux, Mac and Windows
Shinobi is versatile. It runs on nearly anything because of the way it was written. That goes for both the server app and the web dashboard.
Scheduling Camera Presets
Set certain configuration presets for your cameras and have them activate at certain times.
And so much more!
See the News page for updates on when there changes with Shinobi!

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