Terms of Service
We'll try to keep it short and simple

This Service Agreement (this “Agreement”) is a contract between you (“you” or “Purchaser”) and Shinobi ("our", Shinobi, Shinobi Pro, ShinobiCCTV, Shinobi developers, Shinobi Systems, and The Shinobi Corporation). This agreement may change. New versions of the agreement must be accepted to continue Shinobi services. Notice will be provided by your assigned Shinobi developer.

The application is a reference to Shinobi, ShinobiCCTV, the program that does all the cool video management stuff.

Main application refers to specific core files of Shinobi. Those files are as follows.

  • camera.js (Main Server File)
  • web (Folder with client side files, such as images and pages)
  • plugins (Folder with plugins for the Main Server File)
  • languages (Folder with language variables used throughout the application)
  • definitions (Folder with detailed information about fields and other elements in the application)

Product is a reference to snippets of code specified by your Shinobi developer.

Commit history is a reference to the different changes that are pushed to the provided private repository using a git or git-based engine.

Modified code, code changes, or modified versions of Shinobi are a reference to the different changes made to the private repository of Shinobi provided.

Ownership refers to the one(s) who have exclusive right to modified or added code.

Harming others referes to acts similar to (but not bound to) terrorism, violence, and/or child abuse.

Shinobi Support Agreement

"Shinobi Support" or "Support Packages" are services. These services include adding or removing code, maintaining code related to your requested changes, and helping with use of the application (Shinobi, ShinobiCCTV).

Any features added to the main application are property of Shinobi (and it's developers). Through agreement these features will not be shared publicly.

The purpose of Shinobi maintaining ownership is to uphold the primary goal of Shinobi : Helping People. If somehow a Shinobi developer has been legally paid to hand off code or information to someone who may use it to harm others, We will swiftly report the information to authorities.

Ownership of code changes in the main application can be transfered if agreed upon. This can be an agreement over direct message or written contract. Naturally if the change is specific to only work with a system you have then there is no need for Shinobi to maintain ownership. Generally, but not bound to, this occurs when the changes are really the creation of a plugin.

When ownership of code is changed it is gifted, not sold to you. That portion of code can then be used for your own purposes as you see fit without risk of void to privacy status of code in the same request (or other requests).

Sharing Code

The use of modified versions of Shinobi done by Shinobi developers are only allowed for those the code was designed for, you. Allowing any other parties to view or use the modified code is considered sharing.

Sharing of modified versions of Shinobi done by Shinobi developers with anyone will result in the code changes be viewed as public changes and to then be used by Shinobi developers however it is seen fit. It will simply go under consideration to be merged for the community to use as well.

Sharing without voiding privacy status of the code can occur if agreed upon. Generally, but not bound to, those who seek this would like to resell installations.

Using the modified code in a publicly accessible installation is not considered sharing code.

Updating Code

We will do updates at our discretion to the private repository unless agreed otherwise.

The private repository provided may include updates not found in public repositories. They are not part of your request. They are included to ensure stability for your future installations and updates of the modified version of Shinobi. Much of the changes found will eventually meet public code. Please speak to your assigned developer to understand which sections of code are updates and which are part of your request as the commit history does not make this distinction for you or Shinobi developers.


Payment comes first. Demonstrations before payment is provided to help the Shinobi developer understand the end goal that is being requested. They are a courtesy and are the property of Shinobi unless stated otherwise.

Required before payment would be comments or answers to the following questions or statements. This is a method of appraisal and are deciding factors of whether or not service will be provided by developers of Shinobi.

  • What in specific were you looking to have done?
  • Do you have any sketches or another program that can be looked at for comparison?
  • How soon would you need this completed?
  • Would this integration be a private feature for your organization or will it be acceptable to have it added to the public repository?
  • What is the intended purpose of this integration?
  • Are you having this integration done for your organization or to be offered to a third party?
  • Will you need recurring changes or updates to this feature by a Shinobi developer? (Any changes to your features that are needed as a result of our own changes to other parts of the program are not your responsibility.)