How to setup an account to be linked

  1. Login to the account you want to use in another panel.
  2. Open your API window.
  3. Create key with Can Authenticate Websocket enabled.
  4. Make note of the API Key and your Group Key
  5. We will call this Account A for understanding the next few steps.

Adding the account to another Panel

  1. Login to the main account you wish to add other accounts to
  2. Open your Settings window.
  3. Scroll down to the Link Shinobi section and click the Plus icon.
  4. Input the Host of Account A (The account mentioned above). Example :
  5. Input the Group Key of that account. Example : 2Df5hBE
  6. Input the API Key you created earlier. Example : FxPzk5uC1Ok1iUYwmL4xSV73H6rYHU
  7. Choose if you want to use HTTPS and WSS (Encrypted) or regular HTTP and WS.
  8. Refresh the page and you should see cameras from your other account.