Updated : New settings for wider range of cameras

13/06/2018 9:15PM

New settings have been found to work better in general. These settings have been tested with a number of different cameras such as Foscam, Hikvision and Reolink.

Motion Detection settings have also been added.


You should be on FFMPEG 3.2.4 or above for the best performance.

Log in to your camera's internal settings

You will need to access the camera's internal settings. This can either be done through the web browser or through a third party tool like an ONVIF Device Manager. Once you have access find and change these option to the settings shown as follows.

  • Framerate (FPS) : High : 10 - 15 FPS, Low : 2-5 FPS
  • H264 Profile : Baseline
  • I-frame interval : 1
  • Bit Rate Type : VBR (Variable Bit Rate)
  • Bit Rate : between 256kbps and 1Mpbs

Settings in Shinobi

For the Connection section I used:

  • RTSP Transport : TCP

For the Input section I used:

  • Analyzation Duration : 1000000
  • Probe Size : 1000000

For the Stream section I used:

  • Stream Type : Poseidon
  • Stream Connection Type : HTTP or Websocket
  • Video Codec : copy
  • Audio Codec : AAC or No Audio

For the Record section I used:

  • Video Codec : copy
  • Audio Codec : AAC or No Audio

For Global Detector Settings section I used:

  • Send Frames : Yes
  • Save Events to SQL : Yes (if you want to view the dots in Power Video Viewer)
  • Feed-in Image Width : 640
  • Feed-in Image Height : 480
  • How to Record : Traditional Recording
  • Trigger Record : Yes
  • Recording Timeout : 2

For Motion Detection section I used:

  • Use Built-In : yes
  • Indifference : Varies based on camera view point
  • Full Frame Detection or Regions

For Traditioanl Recording section I used in combination with Global Detector Settings:

  • Video Codec : copy
  • Audio Codec : AAC or No Audio
  • Segment Length : 2 (creates 5 second buffer)
  • HLS List Size : 3 to 10

Be aware audio recording is illegal in some regions of the world. Please contact your local law enforcement if you are unsure.

Where my cameras are and where my Shinobi is

My cameras are located around Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The Shinobi server is running in Paris, France and the quality was good enough to catch a turf thief.

List of ONVIF Device Managers

If you have any to suggest please let me know in the comments below!

Experiencing artifacts and smearing?

Check out "Ways to resolve smearing, smudging, streaking, melting, and artifacts".